REALSTONE™ One Piece Shower Pans

Granite Gallery REALSTONE™ one piece shower pans are available in a variety of materials allowing you to truly personalize your project. Our collection includes: granite, marble, travertine, our exclusive soapstone, and our most popular quartz composite materials. You can easily match wall panels and vanities.

REALSTONE™ one piece shower pans can be produced in any size, allowing you to fully customize your project.  And there is no need to move existing plumbing, saving you time and money. Custom options include benches, shelves, thresholds, curbs and more.

Advanced CNC technology allows the drain to be placed anywhere on the pan, allowing for 100% positive slope over the entire surface, leaving no standing water.

Our standard size shower pans are available for shipment or installation within 5-7 days from order date.

All natural stone pans are coated with a water-proof crack isolation membrane. There is no need for additional water-proofing of sub-surface, and no membrane is needed. Simply follow the installation instructions that are provided at time of purchase.

Granite Gallery REALSTONE™ one piece shower pans come with a 10 year guarantee.

Universal Design

Our REALSTONE™ one piece shower pans provide barrier free wheelchair accessibility and are designed to be ADA compliant. They offer an excellent solution to transition issues to and from the shower. Advanced CNC technology eliminates the water weeping problems associated with many standard ADA compliant pans.

Accessibility is easy with our REALSTONE showerpans.