The Beauty of Natural Stone

Natural stone is exactly what it says it is. 100% natural, quarried directly from the earth in large blocks then sliced into slabs and polished on one side. Granite Gallery cuts the slabs according to your design specifications then profiles and polishes the edges.

Nothing compares to the natural beauty of stone, and because every piece is unique, its versatility in design is unparalleled. Natural stone is durable, however, we recommend sealing upon installation to protect it from everyday wear, dirt and spills. When treated and maintained properly, natural stone brings a timeless look and ambiance to any room.

We get our natural stone slabs from a number of sources including:

    • Pental
    • Meta
    • Cosentino
    • MSI

Take a look at just some of our natural stone selection:


Granite is extremely versatile and can be used in an infinite number of ways. It is ideal for counter tops, floors, patios, fireplaces, and bathrooms.


The natural beauty of marble makes it perfect for both modern and traditional looks. In addition to countertops, common uses include walls, flooring and stair treads.


Soapstone is among the most versatile of natural stone products. It is ideal for a great number of applications.


Travertine is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. It is most commonly used as flooring, countertops, and backsplashes.


Limestone is a popular option for both residential and commercial uses. It is most commonly used for floors and in bathrooms.


Basalt is especially popular for outdoor applications like pool decking, but it is also ideal for indoor uses like flooring and walls.