Granite is used in both residential and commercial applications. It is ideal for counter tops, floors, patios, fireplaces, and bathrooms. We carry a wide array of colors in polished finish and a limited number are available in honed and anticado finishes.

  • Granite is durable. It is resistant to heat, which is ideal for the kitchen.
  • Granite is hard which makes it resistant to chipping, scratching and cracking.
  • Granite coloration does not fade over time. It will always look as vivid and radiant as when it was first installed.
  • Granite maintenance is easy. When treated and sealed properly, granite is highly resistant to stains, scratches and bacteria growth.We recommend resealing granite every one to three years depending on the amount of use and traffic.
  • Granite is a good investment. Granite countertops will be the last ones you ever need, so you could very well save money in the long run. Additionally, granite is a proven return on investment when it comes to reselling a home.